Valerie Lis, MA


Valerie Lis has conducted hundreds of workshops and supported thousands of clients to obtain consistent, lasting results with EFT. Beginning her practice in 2001, she conducted founder Gary Craig “content-approved” Levels 1-3 for six years and, since 2011, has been a certified expert practitioner, trainer, and mentor for EFTUniverse. She has contributed chapters to numerous books including The Clinical EFT Handbook and is the author of the upcoming Simplified EFT™: Hints and Tips for Better Results. She is the founder of Simplified EFT™, including a series of tapping principles to produce faster, deeper sessions that can be blended with other styles of EFT.

A faculty member, Valerie also teaches a variety of courses at a Minnesota (U.S.) state college. In all of her roles, Valerie provides amazing self-empowering tools to her clients and audiences, supporting positive change in just minutes!

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  • EFT Practitioner